Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Today was a record 103 breaking the record of 93. It was 104+ at my house, lord it was hot. We decide to go out for dinner tonight and bring dinner home for Dad and Julie. Look at the 7 day forecast for the Seattle area, you can add at least five deg to that and that is what we have here. I'm trying to keep the Beagles cool, I think they prefer Steve's room over mine. He keeps it at around 30 deg, just kidding. Well until tomorrow, Monte

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


It' around 100 deg and the beagles are hot. They both are restless and sluggish. I have been watering them down and that gives them instant energy. Please keep an eye on your family, friends and pets.

Til tomorrow, Monte

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Flash back Friday!

This is a flash back family photo. Sometimes I wish that you could turn back time. Things were more simple then, more carefree, and just down right fun. We knew when it was time to go to school when the J.P Patches show was over. We actually walked to school about 10 miles, just kidding. We walked about two blocks to school. We played outside until late in the night. No video games, computers, cell phones, big screens and the only diet pop was TAB. I feel that was more simple then.

until another day, MONTE.

Patches Pals Dogs







Here are all the dogs that we had at Camp Chadwick this last time at the Races. Everyone of the dogs got along and it was a great family camp out. We had Bailey and Lucy Lu the beagles. Thea the pit bull boxer. Duke the Whinnier Dog. Abby and Shera the pugs. We really miss Cooper the Puggal, he was hit by a car at his new home, WE MISS YOU COOPER!
Well as you can see we had are hands full. The World of Outlaw's race will bring more dogs. Randy and Karen will bring their two Yorkie and Tim and Robin will bring their new guy.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Gray's Harbor Speedway



4. There are somethings that you just have to have on a Patches Pal Racing weekend!
1. Buckup (Dads brew)
2. Great car action.
3. Fast transportation to and from the campsite.
4. Lots of fast cars sliding on and flinging mud.

I hope that we see you at Gray Harbor, South Sound or on the road. just look for the Patches Pals sticker in the back window.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Fred Brownfield Memorial 2009!

Well Patches Pals the Fred Brownfield Memorial 2009 weekend went great. Thanks to Randy and Lisa for hosting us in the land of Chadwick. We are grateful to have this place to gather. This was bailey's second year of racing and Lucy Lu's first year. There was great food, new friends and HOT WEATHER! We were entertained by Randy and Lisa's neighbor, he sounded like Neil Young. There was great refreshment like the home made "Buck up" brandy. I will post more later. Thank GOD for our family and friends.
See ya, Monte

Monday, July 13, 2009

Golf cart update!

Hey everyone, I 'm almost finished with the golf cart that will be running us to the gate and pits. Installed a rear jump seat and all the lights. I just need to install the back rests and give her a bath. Speaking of baths, I think both of the Beagles need one before we take off. I don't know how Lucy will like the ride, but she sure like to riding on the golf cart.

For now MONTE

Friday, July 10, 2009

Getting ready for the dirt!

Hey everyone I've been working on the golf cart on this hot day and just finished the new roof. I still need to put on the finishing touches on the front lights. Tomorrow we are fixing dad his birthday dinner. He decided that he wanted Fish and prawns. We also plan on putting some salmon on the grill. Jackie and Mike are bringing some fish that Logan caught in Alaska. Then after dinner we will sit down and watch the Sprint Cup races. Hope everyone has a great weekend and I'll post photo of dad's Birthday dinner.

See ya! MONTE

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Remembering the Family Farm

This is or was where my grandparents family farm. My grandfather milked his own cows, raised his own beef, his own chickens, eggs and great family on this land. We had fun running and playing without video games, Computers and Cell phones. It's where it was common for boy at the age of 10 to be driving the tractor or the Farm trucks. We got up early and played late. When are parents would leave to go racing we would all stay at their house, almost a dozen kids in a 900 square foot house. We all gathered around a 19" console TV and watched Roller Derby and Big Time Wrestling from Portland OR.
That's what I remember, Monte

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Hang on Kyle, look out Kasey and Tony WINS!

This was a crazy finish! I'm glad that no one was hurt in this finish. I do think that Tony did the right move and that it was just good hard racing. the emotions of racing was clear in the long walk that Kyle made, but I really thing he needs to find a way to chill out after a bad finish. Buy him not going to the infield care center right a way could someday cost him his life. That was one bad ass hit that he took from Kasey and Joey. This finish will be on the highlight s for years to come.


Friday, July 3, 2009

Flash back FRIDAY!

Can you spot your Mother, Sister or aunt in these photos. WOW, how time flies. We really miss the one that are gone in these photo's, but we'll see you some day.
Love you all , Monte, Steve, Buck and Julie.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


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