Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Theifs, Cheaters, and Crooks!

I bought a used Honda Accord from a Small car lot in Auburn, "A crook!" This Thief took my money, lied to me and never paid the wholesaler for the car. He lives his life like he is special, but he is really a lyre and crook. What happens to the one's he took money from? What happen to the people that gave him all the money they had for a car and now they don't know if they really own the car?
Hopefully he will loose all that he gained. He has to answer to God for his dishonesty. I will get my title this week, but may have to wait for the fraud investigators to finish their claim. I Will never trust "Butch Motors in Auburn and Jon Nelson the one who Lied to me for months!"

Thank God, it's almost over!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Have Faith!

God has answered prayer for my cousin Jeff, he starts his new job on Thursday at Dishman Dodge in Spokane.
He has always had the gift of gab and that salesman attitude. Even as a kid he talked me into golfing cow pies on my Grandparents farm. Note, "Do not golf fresh pile, they may backup on you!"

He will be a good sales person and if you need a car, truck or SUV go see him!
Good luck my cousin, god answered your prayer!

Monday, August 29, 2011

Montana Fun!

Izaak Walton Inn in Essux, Montana has the greatest little railroad display. This Inn still has trains zipping by and still has the Amtrak station here.
Here is just one of the Suites that they offer at the Izaak Walton Inn. This is a train lovers dream.

You can take the Red Bus Tours in Glacier National Park, these restored buses are a real work of art. They have been restored with new Ford power trains and run off Propane.
You could say they were packed to the roof, but they didn't have a roof on this sunny day, LOL!
The Lodge at St. Mary's Lake is a cool lodge right on the lake. They offer Red Bus Tours, Boat Tours on the St. Mary's Lake, Horse back Tours and you can just sit and stare at the mountains looking for mountain goats.
The old roads have a few tunnels that whined through the mountain pass.
The view points off the pass of St. Mary's Lake are breathe taking and totally amazing.
Don't forget the white river rafting tours! We found that almost anyone can go rafting!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

We found family at Glacier National Park!

 I was given a tree at Boeing for Earth Day in 2005 and planted it in a pot on the deck. He has grown up to be a nice looking little tree, I am sooo proud. Well, we were stopped at a Scenic lookout at Glacier National Park, I looked down and found my tree's little sister, Amazing! You never know who you will meet while you are on vacation!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Glacier National Park

We made it to Glacier National Park and have set up our camp spot. I have been feeling crappy agian, but I think once we settle in I will began to feel better.
Here is our camping spot at "SAN-SUZ-ED RV Park." Very nice and clean. The manager told us that they have had a Bear roaming the grounds. So we put dad's booz in a locked compartment, YEA! I am sure that the Beagles will let us know if there is a Yogy out there!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Love Ya, J.P.!

“The J.P. Patches Show” debuted on KIRO/7 Feb. 10, 1958. When it went off the air in 1981, it was the longest running locally-produced kids show in the United States. Julius Pierpont Patches, played by Chris Wedes, was Mayor of the City Dump. His girlfriend, Gertrude, showed up two years later when floor manager Bob Newman answered Patches’ call off-camera. Seattle
I just learned that J.P. will retire from doing personal appearances. As a child I would get up and watch his show until it was time to head off to school. This was good, clean, educational, and super entertainment for children.
The world needs more people like him to put on clean TV for children in the morning. I will always be a Patches Pal, I still have my card. I think that someone should request that they start running reruns, maybe you just might see yourself on the show, LOL!

You are the BEST J.P!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Lazy Dazes of Summer!

Bailey and Lucy lounging around while Steve and I watch the Mariners play the Boston Red Sox's.
Lucy the "Pig Lover!"
Bailey sneaking in to "Smell the Sneakers!"
These two hounds have two different ideas on how to relax and chill out!

Flashback Friday, OOOPs it's Saturday!


Here you go, here is the Evan side of our family, all the women. Poor Ryan and Dan too little to resist the baby shower and the female cousins.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Evening out with friends!

(Steve on left and Richard Cooke on the right)
We went to "Dixie's" for dinner. My Friend Richard is heading to school in Missouri to become a minister, so we took him to a local dinner for dinner.
Dad was not happy with his Meatloaf sandwich, humm! No one make meatloaf like my mother did and he is never satisfied with anything else. I sat through dinner and listen to him tell his story about his Bullet buying adventure, LOL!

I just love it when Steve tried to take my pitcher, just as the cel phone is gearing up you just stick out the tougn, LOL!
I also installed more graphics on the front of the motor home. I over layed some to make a sprint car kicking up some dirt on track, check out the second photo!

When I get back from the trip I am going to try to wax this beast!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Motor home makeover!

Installing new graphics on the motor home, I bought last year and just now have got some time to do it. The hardest thing is getting the old ones off. Steve found the hair dyer and that helped greatly. I have to come up with a design to cover the peeling graphics that I removed.
I will post more as I go. I will also have before and after shots. Now that school is out for the summer and I have a moth off, maybe I can get this done.

For everyone that prayed for me for the spider bite and school challenges, I thank you!


Wednesday, August 10, 2011

I needed the food of Youth!

Well after my finals and feeling like a young frisky buck, I needed some  fuelfood. As I drove though the city of my youth I thought, "Monte you haven't had a Cubby's Burger in years!" So I made a quick turn and pulled in the Drive Thru of Cubby's.

This place is a icon in Auburn. In the 1980's you had young High School girls working the counters, packed on the weekends at night and the best burgers and fries. I thought that this would just help me heal from the spider bite and the bite of finals. So I ordered a "Big Cubby's With Cheese." Let me tell you what, I loved it, Oh Yeah!

P.S. No young girls, just a 63 year old lady!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

This is what bit me!

Here is the little bugger that bit me or his body double.
He bit me on the back of the arm, which wasn't that bad as the photo below!

No this is NOT MY BUTT, it's on the back of my very hairy leg.

As the pain got bad then my hand started to swell up and felt like it was on fire and man, did it start to ache.

I am starting to feel better and hope that I can do well in my summer finals at school. This has made me nausea, fever, headache, dizziness and I could not think right. So, what else is new!

I guess my motto is going to be from know on,
 "Stomp on every spider, I mean everyone!"

Friday, August 5, 2011

Flashback Friday!

Oh Sparky, you were a smart little dog! This little dog was a gift from my uncle Jack on my birthday, but he soon became my Dad's buddy. This little dog would sit like this to look out the front door, in the passenger seat of the Beetle and of course for FOOD!

This is my Great Grandmother holding her cat Tony. She loved that cat, he would rule her house. This lady was amazing, she had a photographic memory and had some great theories on UFO's. I was just fascinated by her encounters and beliefs. She would always give me a dime and tell me to by myself something.