Tuesday, September 29, 2009

This ammazing DOG!

Just watch and be AMAZED by this loving dog and the determination of this kind woman.

Peace, Monte

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Thinking, thinking and thoughts!

In the last few days I've been thinking about what I want to be, I'm over 40, just recieved a medical layoff and starting a new chapter in my life. Do I, should I, What I or maybe I? Man, my head is spinning. I think I need a vacation. I look around at all the things that need to be done at home and then at dad's house, who can go on a vacation. The Nascar and Mariners season's are coming to the end, this is called "The Dead Time." Well that's all for now, Monte

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Young Family caught in time!

I was given this photo by a family member on my first trip to Spokane and Montana. I believe this was on my grandparents 35th anniversary. L to R: Back row is Noma Chadwick, Terry Young, Eddie "Pug" Young, Jerry Young, Burdette "Buck" Young, Darrell Young and Beverly Pogue. Front row: Cody & Sylvia Young. Missing is Jack Young. I really miss the family that is no longer with us, but we know they are looking over us.


Sunday, September 20, 2009

Seahawks and Kasey Kahne!

Well the Seahawks needs to regroup for next week. I hope they work on their pass protection and running defense, they sucked! I still think if they can get healthy and stay that way they have a chance.
Well as for Kasey Kahne, he didn't have the day he wanted. His engine didn't want to race, it BLEW UP! My fantasy picks sucked also. I must rethink my picks for next week.
For now, Monte.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Late: Flash back Friday!

Well I was sitting on the bed with the beagles and watching a special on UFO's. I remember sitting next to my great grandmother and listing to her tell me stories about the encounters that she had or heard of. As a child I was always intrigued by these tails and remember what she told me. "Monte" she said, "if god can create us, he can create other worlds also". This way cumming from a very smart and intelligent women. This women had a photographic memory, could recite anything she had read and was a teacher. I often think about what she told me as I look at the stars way up in the sky and wonder if I will ever know if there is really others out there?

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

MaryTravers of Peter, Paul & Mary dead at 72!

This is one of my favorite folk performers, my sister introduced me to their music. Class act entertainment!

BOSTON — Mary Travers, who as one-third of the hugely popular 1960s folk trio Peter, Paul and Mary helped popularize such tunes as "Puff (The Magic Dragon)" and "If I Had a Hammer," died Wednesday after battling leukemia for several years. She was 72.
The band's publicist, Heather Lylis, says Travers died at Danbury Hospital in Connecticut.
Bandmate Peter Yarrow said that in her final months, Travers handled her declining health with bravery and generosity, showing her love to friends and family "with great dignity and without restraint."
"It was, as Mary always was, honest and completely authentic," he said. "That's the way she sang, too; honestly and with complete authenticity."
Noel "Paul" Stookey, the trio's other member, praised Travers for her inspiring activism, "especially in her defense of the defenseless."
"I am deadened and heartsick beyond words to consider a life without Mary Travers and honored beyond my wildest dreams to have shared her spirit and her career," he said.
Mary Allin Travers was born on Nov. 9, 1936 in Louisville, Ky., the daughter of journalists who moved the family to Manhattan's bohemian Greenwich Village. She quickly became enamored with folk performers like the Weavers, and was soon performing with Pete Seeger, a founding member of the Weavers who lived in the same building as the Travers family.
With a group called the Song Swappers, Travers backed Seeger on one album and two shows at Carnegie Hall. She also appeared (as one of a group of folk singers) in a short-lived 1958 Broadway show called "The Next President," starring comedian Mort Sahl.
It wasn't until she met up with Yarrow and Stookey that Travers would taste success on her own. Yarrow was managed by Albert B. Grossman, who later worked in the same capacity for Bob Dylan.
In the book "Positively 4th Street" by David Hajdu, Travers recalled that Grossman's strategy was to "find a nobody that he could nurture and make famous."
The budding trio, boosted by the arrangements of Milt Okun, spent seven months rehearsing in her Greenwich Village apartment before their 1961 public debut at the Bitter End.
Their beatnik look — a tall blonde flanked by a pair of goateed guitarists — was a part of their initial appeal. As The New York Times critic Robert Shelton put it not long afterward, "Sex appeal as a keystone for a folk-song group was the idea of the group's manager ... who searched for months for `the girl' until he decided on Miss Travers."
The trio mingled their music with liberal politics, both onstage and off. Their version of "If I Had a Hammer" became an anthem for racial equality. Other hits included "Lemon Tree," "Leaving on a Jet Plane" and "Puff (The Magic Dragon.)"
They were early champions of Dylan and performed his "Blowin' in the Wind" at the August 1963 March on Washington.
And they were vehement in their opposition to the Vietnam War, managing to stay true to their liberal beliefs while creating music that resonated in the American mainstream.
The group collected five Grammy Awards for their three-part harmony on enduring songs like "Leaving on a Jet Plane," "Puff (The Magic Dragon)" and "Blowin' in the Wind."
At one point in 1963, three of their albums were in the top six Billboard best-selling LPs as they became the biggest stars of the folk revival movement.
It was heady stuff for a trio that had formed in the early 1960s in Greenwich Village, running through simple tunes like "Mary Had a Little Lamb."
Their debut album came out in 1962, and immediately scored a pair of hits with their versions of "If I Had a Hammer" and "Lemon Tree." The former won them Grammys for best folk recording, and best performance by a vocal group.
"Moving" was the follow-up, including the hit tale of innocence lost, "Puff (The Magic Dragon)" — which reached No. 2 on the charts, and generated since-discounted reports that it was an ode to marijuana.
Album No. 3, "In the Wind," featured three songs by the 22-year-old Dylan. "Don't Think Twice, It's Alright" and "Blowin' in the Wind" both reached the top 10, bringing Dylan's material to a massive audience; the latter shipped 300,000 copies during one two-week period.
"Blowin' In the Wind" became an another civil rights anthem, and Peter, Paul and Mary fully embraced the cause. They marched with the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. in Selma, Ala., and performed with him in Washington.
In a 1966 New York Times interview, Travers said the three worked well together because they respected one another. "There has to be a certain amount of love just in order for you to survive together," she said. "I think a lot of groups have gone down the tubes because they were not able to relate to one another."
With the advent of the Beatles and Dylan's switch to electric guitar, the folk boom disappeared. Travers expressed disdain for folk-rock, telling the Chicago Daily News in 1966 that "it's so badly written. ... When the fad changed from folk to rock, they didn't take along any good writers."
But the trio continued their success, scoring with the tongue-in-cheek single "I Dig Rock and Roll Music," a gentle parody of the Mamas and the Papas, in 1967 and the John Denver-penned "Leaving on a Jet Plane" two years later.
They also continued as boosters for young songwriters, recording numbers written by then-little-known Gordon Lightfoot and Laura Nyro.
In 1969, the group earned their final Grammy for "Peter, Paul and Mommy," which won for best children's album. They disbanded in 1971, launching solo careers — Travers released five albums — that never achieved the heights of their collaborations.
Over the years they enjoyed several reunions, including a performance at a 1978 anti-nuclear benefit organized by Yarrow and a 35th anniversary album, "Lifelines," with fellow folkies Ramblin' Jack Elliott, Dave Van Ronk and Seeger. A boxed set of their music was released in 2004.
They remained politically active as well, performing at the 1995 anniversary of the Kent State shootings and performing for California strawberry pickers.
Travers had undergone a successful bone marrow transplant to treat her leukemia and was able to return to performing after that.
"It was like a miracle," Travers told The Associated Press in 2006. "I'm just feeling fabulous. What's incredible is someone has given your life back. I'm out in the garden today. This time last year I was looking out a window at a hospital." She also said she told the marrow donor "how incredibly grateful I was."
But by mid-2009, Yarrow told WTOP radio in Washington that her condition had worsened again and he thought she would no longer be able to perform.
Travers lived for many years in Redding, Conn. She is survived by her husband, Ethan Robbins and daughters, Alicia and Erika.

Will be missed, Monte

I guess that I'm not that dumb!

Well, I went to the local collage and took the entrance exams. I guess that I'm not that dumb after all. I scored high in English, that's because I was the only one that could speak it, just kidding! I will have to take some math classes,but over all I didn't do to bad. My next big test will be picking the path that I will take in my career. I was a little intimidated going into the collage, thinking that I would feel out of place. I looked around a noticed that I wasn't the oldest person in the room. I also notice that I wasn't the youngest either. I pray that I can find my path, finish and enjoy what I so.

For now, Monte

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Cool mutts!!!

I wish I could teach the beagles to do this. I think if there was a piece of Bacon on it they might ride it.

Later Monte

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Word from Kasey Kahne!

This is way cool my man Kasey Kahne has made the chase this year. He raced a conservative race on Saturday. I think that the race between Brian Vickers and Kyle Bush was the best race on the track. In watching the Bush interview after the race, I was impressed with the way he handled himself. I think that Joe Gibbs has done a great job in grooming a future champion. Hands down he has the talent and he has the equipment. I am excited to see what is to come.

Later, Monte

Friday, September 11, 2009

Holy Salmon, Patches Pals!

Hey patches pals after a disappointing weekend of racing Randy motored down to Camp Kalama and went fishing. He caught a great looking Salmon. This happens to his first there at Camp Kalama. Jackie and Mike have their trailer at Camp Kalama for the whole month if you can, go fishing with them.

SEPTEMBER 11, 2001 Please never forget!!!!!

Please talk to your kids, family and friends today about this day. We can not let this be just another day that people forget. I know where I was on that day do you? My friends don't let this happen again and support are troops. Tell them when you see them, "THANK YOU FOR GIVING US FREEDOM!"

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Wild Ride!!!!

Check out this video that was on the Comcast site. This driver of a wingless sprint car is very lucky, he had his guardian angel riding with him at this race in California. Watch this and check out the landing, WOW!

Hey, we didn't get to watch much racing this last weekend so I had to get my fix somewhere!

Until tomorrow, Monte

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

World of Outlaws/Mudfest 2009

Rain, rain, go away, come again another day! It rained and made the track unraceable. We watched the races on Saturday, Sunday was washed out and the World of Outlaws race was called. Tom and Lori got my wing on my die cast sighed by Joey Saldona. This made my weekend along with spending some great times with family and new friends. We had a chance to drive around, meet some great race fans and see some very cool camping setups. I will post some photos in post to come. You can see the photo of are newest K9 Patches Pal, Gonzo is Tim & Robins new Puggle. He is the cutest member we have!
Until tomorrow, Monte

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Hey, meet Gonzo!

Here are some of are new Patches Pals, Tim and Robin's new boy Gonzo. He is a puggle and very cute. We are looking forward to meeting Gonzo for the first time. In the second photo is Abby and Shera sporting a pair of Doggles. All good dirt racing dogs wear doggles, LOL!
See ya at the track!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Look'n gooooood!

Hey, I am finished for now. Do you like the wheels and tires? The new seats? The new custom steering wheel pad? The paint will not come until Thursday and will have to be painted when I get back from the World Of Outlaws. To all that are coming to Gray's Harbor Speedway, "LET'S GET READY TO FLING SOME MUD!"