Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year, Patches Pals!

Well 2011 was a long one for me. I finished my first year of college with a surprising GPA. This first year was a big adjustment to college life for this old man, LOL!

We took a summer trip to Montana to see family. Our first stop was at Glacier National Park and to visit my cousin Gregg. He came over to the campground every night for dinner and a visit. I got to see my first Grizzly bear and man was that bear a great looking animal. We then went to Columbus, Montana to See my uncle and aunt. I love going there and we always have a great time. There was only one problem I got sick and spent the majority of the time in the motor home. Our last stop was back in Washington in Spokane to visit my family in the Spokane Valley.
Kirk 2010 Rookie of the Year
Chad, 2010 Compact Outlaw Champion

WOO Racing

Our racing schedule was a wet one. Too many races rained out in 2011. I am hoping that in 2012 we will get more racing action. So I am wishing that the 2012 year will bring us happiness, laughter, and stability in our lives.

Happy New Year may friends,


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