Sunday, January 22, 2012

More Winter Madness!

Here are some more "Before and After" photo's.
Here is the area around my Koi pond and the Japanese Maple (it's the one in the center of the photo). On the right is what the tree looked like during the snow fall. The photo on the left is the aftermath of the Ice storm. I am not sure if the tree will ever look like it did before.

In this setof photo's is the big tree in the next door neighbors backyard. This tree looks so cool covered in snow, but as you can see it was just destroyed after the ice storm. This tree was really hanging low but it has bounced back a little.
Cold Bailey Beagle!

Cold Lucy Beagle!

The Beagles have not been happy with all the snow and ice. They didn't quite make it to the yard to poop, so I had to shovel some poo off of the deck for the last few days. I think they will be happy when the plain rain comes back!


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