Saturday, January 21, 2012

Old man Winter Sucks!

Here is a before on the left and after on the right. Look at the tall trees in the back ground, much thinner on the right. Look at my truck on the right it's coated in a half inch of ice.

This is a couple of big branches that fell from one of the trees in Dad's back yard.

This branch fell from almost 25 feet to the ground and landed on the sidewalk in front of Dad's house and there are two more big branches hanging from the neighbors tree.

More big branches from some trees in the backyard!

This is a huge tree in my neighbors house you can see that it is split down the middle.

This is my Japanese maple during the snow. It is gone now; frozen and fell all apart. I am hoping that this ice crap is over. I have family and friends that are still waiting for the power to be restored to their homes. I pray that all will be safe.

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