Tuesday, September 13, 2011

I forget sometimes!

"I pick up the phone, but I remember that you’re gone. I have a question, but then I remember you’re not there. I would give anything to talk to you just one more time, but I can’t. I want to huge you, but I can’t. I hear a song on the radio that reminds me of you and I start to cry.  You are home, not in pain, you’re happy; you’re at peace, because you’re with our Father God. I miss you mother!"
I think that with all the stess in my life, she would be my rock. Our life changed in so many way's and if you haven't lost someone you love it's hard to explain the feelings. When I think I have gotten over the pain, something pops up in my life that reminds me of you and your love. I will never forget, I wish that it didn't hurt so much. I know it's me being selfish, because she is in the best place one could be. Maybe it will someday!
See you someday mom!

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