Saturday, September 10, 2011

Pre-9-11 thoughts!

     Well, on the eve of the 10 year anniversary of the 9-11 attacks. I sit her thinking of that day and what I felt. I knew that when that first plane hint the first tower I was out of a job, no one will want to fly for awhile. I was at work at the Boeing Plant in Auburn, just getting ready to go home, when someone started screaming that a plane had hit the World Trade tower. When you work at Boeing any plane down is news and mostly we all feel bad because of the loss of life.
    I rushed home and turned the TV on and I never moved from there until it was time to go to bed, but who could sleep. I went out and sat in the hot tub and the silence was unnerving. There was not one plane in the sky. You see I live about ten miles from Sea-Tac International airport and five mile from two small airports. One in Auburn and one in Puyallup. As I sat there I felt that I had been punched in the gut and in the Balls at the same time. The loss was great for man kind, America, and the world.

   I will never forget the site of those huge buildings falling into themselves, the faces of the people in the streets of New York, and the pain of all America's.
   I did loose my job as the industry came to a stop and many worker where affected by this act of terrorism. The world was changed that day for many people. Some lost family, jobs, sense of security and I think we just felt helpless for know what would be next. Maybe we needed to be attacked to find out how strong we could become and what we would do to the one's that sucker-punched America. We became stronger and more aware of the evil that wants America to fall and give up, but we will not!
   Please remember all the children, men and women lost that day, So many life's lost!

"I will never forget that day and feeling of loss!"

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