Sunday, September 11, 2011

September 11th, 2001

     This day is one that most Americans will never forget. As most people where getting ready for work, I was just leaving mine. The new of the attack spread like wildfire in the plant and before you knew it we were huddled around the computer monitors. The news was shocking that a jet could have crashed into the World Trade Center. We all thought that it was just a bad accident. Little did we know it was NOT!

  While driving home I listened to the radio and as soon as I got home I was glued to the Television set. Like most on that day I was in shock to watch as the second plane plunged into the second tower. The news showed the Police and Fire responded to help those in need. Little did they know that the tower would fall.

   The tower fell like a house of cards, people injured walked the streets, and New Yorkers help the thousands trying to escape the falling buildings. I sat in shock and wondered if or what was coming next.
"Breaking New" sound on the television once again. Two planes just crashed, one into the Pentagon and on in a field in Pennsylvania.

    I watched the news for days as rescue worker battled to find someone alive. The sad thing was that most in those tower would not be found alive. Oh, they did find some and this just fuel the search to find more.

That night due to a national grounding of all planes the skies there silence. I sat in the hot tub and not one plane was in the sky. The highway next to the house was almost silence, just a few cars.

   It's been 10 years now and the world has changed in many ways. Some nations have fallen, some removed the dictators, and some have had attacks of their own. America found the leaders of the attack in the U.S and terminated their lives. We made places more secure, airports, borders and public places. There would be more attempts to harm American's, but average Americans would spot them and turn it over to the police to handle.

    When and if anything happens again we Americans know that we are strong and will fight back. As my cousin Ken would say, "Don't poke the Bear!" We will never forget this day by honoring the VICTIMS of this attack.

"We will never forget" and "God bless the U.S.A!"

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